The art of good health in a good life is an ever evolving challenge. It is my delight to share and support you in meeting this challenge, crafting a unique holistic healing lifestyle, illuminating your present and your infinite possibilities.

Mindfully, we explore food and nourishment, hands on bodywork, spiritual healing, reiki, lifestyle coaching, movement and other effective therapies, to heal uplift and soothe your spirit,

Lets have more caring, listening and more healing human touch!

Your session puts you in the spotlight:, your health and wellness, your hopes, fears, dreams, and schemes. Enjoy touch therapies – bodywork and naturopathic massage, adding nutritional therapy, spiritual healing and lifestyle coaching while I get to the root of your problems however large or small, long standing or new. Herein lies relief from unconscious pain and suffering, for a more enjoyable here and now.

Finding Holistic4Health indicates a readiness to continue your wellbeing journey: eating, drinking, breathing, moving, sleeping, working, and loving, managing what arises on the way.

It can take a leap in confidence to question conventional thinking and make your own health decisions based on deeper natural wisdom.

I am an experienced listener with a helping hand to pull on your boots for the journey – you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

So contact me now for a chat about how to get started

0044 7788981977