It’s your life

Now’s the time to take responsibility for Your Health and Healing – body mind spirit and feeling 

The person who finds Holistic4Health is ready to learn, unlearn and move on to the next stage of the Wellness journey – from birth to death. 

‘Journey’ to Wellness? 

I mean Wellness that is more than ‘looking the part’, a pill and a gym. 

It’s the exciting inner adventure when You choose to grow your spirit to heal body and mind.. Wellness that’s dynamic, beyond a static state induced by medication, a Holistic/Wholistic endeavour, that is our birthright. 

Yes. I’ve been focussing on the dynamic Wellness journey for a lifetime enjoying the benefits, and I’m thrilled to share your journey with you.

Ready to leave behind “but” and “If only” – (those grimacing gremlins clinging to our shoulder muttering advice to stay small, be good and follow the crowd)? 

So contact me; here’s a helping hand to pull on your boots for the journey – you don’t have to do it alone.  

Welcome to Holistic4Health

Still offering the same individual service as -now renamed –

We took life for granted. Change is glaringly obvious now. Where do you go for reassurance, to find solid ground again?

Obviously, I’m going to say -nothing out there ever was stable, it was an illusion. And now, what, where, how?

Let’s have a look at your personal situation together – Your Health, your hopes and fears your dreams and schemes. I’ve so many ways to support you, here’s a new one. Its a short online consultation that can get you back to yourself – no nonsense no fuss.

How abundant colour fades and how to let go into what’s on the way…..

CONSULT4HEALTH – you outline the issues that are troubling you, get perspective, and learn ways to restore your personal energy, wellness, joy and dwell in more peace. 20 minutes £45

Just give me a call or drop me a line on 07788981977 or email me at gabrielle@holistic4health.c0m


Holistic 4 Health Principles

  • Above all, we do no harm: we bring the qualities of Universal love and care to our work with you
  • We treat you as a whole, unique human being. We care for all of you; physical mental emotional and spiritual
  • We assert that Nature is the Healer. She is always there, doing Her very best for you. Our approach at Holistic4Health, is to free you up, in order to assist Nature to work Her miracles.
  • With our focus on prevention and health enhancement, we teach you to explore beyond obvious symptoms to the deeper causes of your situation and assist you to take the necessary steps for change