The art of good health in a good life is an ever evolving challenge. It is my delight to share and support you in meeting this challenge, crafting a unique holistic healing lifestyle, illuminating your present and your infinite possibilities.

Mindfully, we explore food and nourishment, hands on bodywork, spiritual healing, reiki, lifestyle coaching, movement and other effective therapies, to uplift and soothe your spirit,

Right now, I feel what’s missing most from people’s lives is the comfort and reassurance of compassionate, attentive listening, combined with the healing power of human touch. That’s why, in a Holistic4Health session, we take a closer look at your life together; your health, your hopes, your fears and dreams, and your schemes. Using the healing and health benefits of bodywork, nutritional therapy, spiritual healing, and lifestyle coaching, we get to the root of your problems fast to help facilitate a more blissful here and now.

Attracted to being in charge of your whole health and holistic healing, which means body, mind, feelings, and your spirit? To make your own health decisions based on a deepening grounding in all that is, to be the leader in your life?

The person who finds Holistic4Health is ready for the Natural Wellness journey, wellness from the inside out: food and drink, breathing, moving, sleeping, working, worshipping and loving through life and death.

When you choose to grow your spirit to heal all levels, its an exciting adventure. Wellness is available, dynamic, through and beyond fear of death and pain, a vibrant Holistic/Wholistic endeavour.

Ready to question conventional thinking, to let go of “if only”, “but”?

To move along holistically, you’ll love having a compassionate, experienced ear and a helping hand to pull on your boots for the journey – you don’t have to do it alone.

So contact me now

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