Integrated Naturopathic Focus 

Bodywork Focus  “Gabrielle is truly facilitative.  I come because I yearn for my body to be treated with purpose and passion.  The results I am getting with Gabrielle are way beyond what I could have imagined”  U.M.

“Another mega-session.” M.J.

“It did me so much good, helped me enormously. You are a very calming person to be with. I felt strong in myself. It was excellent.”  F.F.

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Nutritional Focus

‘I want to thank you for putting me on mineral supplements and getting me to eat regular small meals!’ P.K.

“The herbs you gave me really picked me up to have the strength to see the next step I had to take. I am balanced and strong now and have found my centre, tuning into foods nicely.  There’s a new sense of peace and confidence.  I am friends with my life! Thanks for your help.” H.E.

“I had been feeling unwell with very low energy amongst other symptoms for sometime when I consulted Gabrielle. It felt great to talk to somebody who asked relevant questions and had useful lifestyle suggestions. Gabrielle’s supplement prescriptions made a huge difference that I could feel, and others could see, in less than a week. Now I have much more energy, sleep better and feel well” S.S.

I am unrecognizable from the person I was before seeing Gabrielle.  I had breathing difficulties and exercise was a problem for me. I am having more fun, I’ve got more energy, I am not exhausted any more and I am taking on more physical and external activities.’   V.T

“I completely trust you. Since I saw you the first time, you got my periods down from 10 days to 3 days. My Candida sorted out in a very short time by me being completely committed to what you said to do.
I remember being so collected in myself that I thought “I can take on the world now”. However emotionally I was all over the place. You pulled me together and created a space where I could allow myself to be strong, and I needed to be – I’d just given birth to a disabled child.
You are the only therapist with the integrity that I trust my health to – and that’s very important because of my circumstances. You gave me the space to find myself and be myself”. D.B.

“You saved my life, literally. I came to you because I had to have a hysterectomy and needed to get back to work right afterwards as I was single parenting two small children. By following your recommendations to the letter, I recovered in record time, was in the gym 5 weeks after! I cannot thank you enough, Gabrielle.” F.K


Lifestyle Focus

“Its been a most rewarding session.’ P.W.

“During our first session, for the first time, I felt heard, and understood as a whole, and as a human being. You pointed out that I had completely given up on the thought that my asthma condition could ever improve, and for the first time I thought that it could, and may even heal one day. You and I are on the way to achieve that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to stick with me on that path and not give up” O.P.


Meditation/Relaxation Focus

I really enjoyed the sessions with you. I found you to be an amazingly understanding, compassionate and caring person and this is reflected in your work. I found the sessions deeply relaxing on multiple levels” M.C.

“‘My voice is completely different. I have been singing very well, and the blocks in my voice I came to you to work on have released.’  D.H.

” perfect timing …. perfect work.  I feel free and yet connected.  Yes, the experience was absolutely beautiful, gentle and real.  Thank you beyond words.”  R.R.

“The session allowed me to completely unwind and be completely relaxed and resonate with you” S.D.

“I have discovered what it feels like to REALLY be deeply relaxed.  I had no idea it could be like this – and still being effective. M.D

It has been a very safe place to work, and I couldn’t have got where I am now without your help.  We’ve done a lot of really really good work together.  Thank you.”  A.B.

“I found you and your work fascinating”  S.N.

“You released such deep pain in me, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.” U.S.

‘I didn’t realize I had so much bottled up”  A.J.

“This chewing thing is really amazing.  At the end of a meal I feel so really satisfied.  So much less food.  A miracle with the food.  Thank you so much”  D.P.

“Thank you so much for my fantastic massage.  It was a lovely treat and I felt amazing.”  L.P.

“Your relaxation CD is the only one, and I have loads, that I can honestly say “I am going to do that,” and I enjoy it!  S.W.

“Gabrielle, thank you so much for today.  Your kind, non judgmental manner, gentle understanding, years of experience and dedication, coupled with your natural magical capabilities “shine” through – so comforting and uplifting.  I felt aeons of pain gently ease and flow away, so beautiful.”  J.P

“Best massage I have ever had!” D.A

“I have great news for you Gabrielle.  Remember last time I saw you I was so upset about my ex partner, and I had terrible backache?  I was in agony it was burning me morning noon and night, I just couldn’t get rid of it.  I am an exercise trainer and yoga teacher so I couldnt understand it.
Anyway, you said that it was probably not physical, but emotional.  I did the things you said to do and my backache went!  The very next day it was 50% better, and doing what you said each day for the last 2 weeks has made it almost totally better now.
I just can’t believe that my back pain has gone – I was feeling ‘oh no’.  Its given me a lot more confidence for my weight loss work with you too.” J.T.

“I am a supplement convert, and have made significant changes to my diet. My immune system is heaps better. There is now no chest infection.” S.T.

“I am surprised by how much you know that I don’t know, and I lecture in medicine!  I felt an enormous amount of change.  I’ve never felt like this before” K.S.


Emotional Healing Focus 

“Having had many sessions with Gabrielle, I find her approach exceptionally powerful, empowering, loving, spiritual and totally connected. Through the safe environment she creates and her loving and supporting way, I was able to face my worst fears and be present to all my emotions. I totally recommend Gabrielle’s work to any one that truly cares about working on their personal development. It is life changing – a total transformation” J.E.

Thank you so much again for today.  I haven’t spoken to my daughter for 2 years.  She called an hour after I came home from my session with you.  Its amazing as I let go more and more.  Bless you.’ S.Q.


Spiritual Focus

“One night before falling asleep, I asked the Universe for guidance. In the morning I had a name – I don’t remember a dream – there was just a name in my head, Gabrielle Richards. I Googled her and found her to be a spiritual healer (among other things) in Hertfordshire. It seemed obvious that our paths were meant to cross and I immediately made an appointment. I have found Gabrielle to be invaluable in helping me move forward during a difficult period. Her personality envelops you with warmth and calmness and she is able to really tune in to exactly what you need. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their health, mood and quality of life. K.S.”

‘Pain is just another feeling now; pain may be there but its not hurting me.’  A.R.

Your healing made a profound, profound, profound difference to me.’  P.G

“Now that feels better, a whole load of weight gone, centuries have lifted.” T.W.

“Its like having an energy transfusion rather than a blood transfusion” JP

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