Remembrance Day…….Remembering the Old Days ….…Standing to attention in school for Remembrance Day, just 7 years after the War ended; knowing something awful happened and I wasn’t there. But the teachers and my mummy and daddy were, and it was unspeakable. I felt terror, disbelief and finally boredom. It can’t have been that bad, could it? The impact of the stupidity of violence destruction and war did not hit me until I was a teenager.  

The State tried to improve the health of us post war babies. Things were mandatory. In school I got the warm, sickening milk.  At home I got the Cod Liver Oil, I do remember 70 years on, regurgitating it all over my pinny.  Yuk… 

Cod liver oil killed my tender young liver, milk made me sick, my condition, my blood group and every cell in my body rejected these “helpful “ and wonderful ways the State tried to help us to be fit and healthy. It did work for some, I am certain. We were generally healthier than kids are now.

But each person is unique, PANHEALTH doesn’t always suit everybody.  Vaccinating will help part of the population, those on the front line, those already weakened and susceptible, and the rest of us will do our best to improve our individual health and that of our families safety, reliably, with tried and tested information, natural medications and herbs that have been used on earth for thousands of years. In the absence of credible State health information, we will have to do it ourselves, armed with common sense, trust, and some natural health practitioners and writers, who have the guts to say it how it is. 

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