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Trying too hard to be a good human being? Well, you’re not alone. Studies show that the act of people pleasing is more common than one might think, and can actually have a rather negative impact on our health. This trauma rooted behaviour can block the flowing waters of healthy passion and creative self expression, and can very often be detrimental to our relationships. The true cost of being “nice”  is not felt until its too late. Joy, fun and health are sacrificed. That volcano of churning emotions may blow – inwards or outwards. This is one of our greatest fears as human beings, but luckily one we are all capable of facing, and healing.

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You see, when you stuff down the ‘bad’ and only show the ‘good’, the very effort reduces your aliveness, dulls your presence and diminishes your depth. Dumbing down life’s healthy vibrancy for the sake of safety turns it’s colours to grey. Instead leaving you stressed out, worn out, resentful, and angry.

This is why a safe place for expression and release is critical. If you are feeling over-serious, depressed, anxious, lethargic, suffer aches pains and chronic illness that “you have to learn to live with” or if you have simply forgotten how to play, you will be seeking out that space where you are totally accepted, and can be just the way you are.

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In my one-to-one sessions, I create that safe space by encouraging my clients to “freak out” and “freak in”. We explore the pain together, find it’s roots, and give it the space so that it can be deeply felt, authentically honored, and released in a way that’s both liberating and healthy.

We release the painful emotion first in the body, and then in the mind. Freeing it so it no longer dictates your day-to-day, causing you to say “yes” when you really mean “no”. Causing you to seek approval when all you truly want is to be free, to be loved, and to feel whole.

Do you hate DIETS?  Sick and tired of being told what to eat? Then start from the beginning of the digestive process – in the mouth!  As you chew each mouthful 30 – 60 times, LOVE YOUR FOOD, and you will get so much more nutrition from it, your whole body will relax and digestion will happen naturally and effortlessly.  Not only that, you will need to eat less food, and thus loose unwanted kilos.  Just give it a try, then let me know how its going!  The next stage will be to figure out what foods most suit your unique body chemistry and draw up an enjoyable eating plan that is easy, delicious and optimally nutritious.

That is where I come in; finding out about you, your lifestyle and your habits, and tailoring a programme just for your unique needs.  Call me for your free of charge phone consultation!