Deep tissue bodywork – its a miracle!

As Pat rolled her body up from the massage couch these were her words “Its a Miracle”.

Then she reported that the crushing pain in her neck and left shoulder that I had just worked on, had been troubling her for the past TWO YEARS, and nothing else had worked!


After her Bodywork Massage treatment it was gone, to her astonishment and delight. She bought a jar of magnesium lotion on the spot and danced home!  

Woman – the most undervalued, renewable resource on the planet


Womans’ Wisdom – arising from the depths of compassion and human feeling, from our ability to bear life, is the part of being human that we Women need to value more highly.  Once we do, our “civilisations” will follow suit. Yes, our wisdom is wisdom indeed.

Woman will wake up and value her body.  She will proudly nurture and care for her magical ability to create life.  Then I imagine that society will truly feel a change.

What does Nurture and Care-for mean?

To me, it means more than adorning the outside with paint and clothing, it means more than a superficial massage with essential oils, lovely though that feels……………..

It means declaring proudly “I’m having my period at the moment so I’m taking a break…”

This Woman is in the supermarket queue just behind you; she is waiting at the school gate, she is on the internet.  Talk to her, listen to her story, share your common womanality – it will bear untold gifts in quality and richness of life.

Have you heard of Red Tent?

(about Red Tent)

SUGAR – the HIDDEN BADDIE – recognised at last!

Pure White and Deadly was written over 40 years ago by John Yudkin, to inform us about the perils of white sugar. HIs predictions have come to pass – soaring obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc etc. And probably the worst is yet to come, as government tries to tackle our most pervasive addiction. The soaring health bill that our taxes have to pay is nothing, compared to the degraded health of generations to come. Babies now in the womb, foetuses unborn, to women who do their best to be healthy, and who have been woefully misinformed.

Well, who cares, its only human beings after all! Pass me another chocolate please!