Nutritional Therapy

Can rapidly improve the way you feel!

Choose from these time tested, proven ways:

  • Get in the habit of substituting unprocessed, fluid rich, fibre rich foods for processed junk food
  • Improve nutrient absorption by chewing each mouthful 30 – 60 times
  • Learn what to eat and drink for your unique body type – you’ll love it and get multiple health benefits.
  • Detoxify pollution and waste with cleansing fruits and vegetables, fluids, minerals and other simple, natural substances

Everything on earth is composed of minerals so its simple and obvious to test human mineral status.  We need find out
-what is deficient
-what is in excess,
-what co-factors are missing
-what is your metabolic status
-if heavy metal super toxins are being carried in organs and other body tissues,  obstructing healing.

Non-invasive hair mineral screening is simple and cost effective. It calculates the complex combinations of minerals. vitamins, proteins, fats and digestive factors needed to achieve balance. In fact, using Hair Mineral Analysis to track change has been so beneficial in impacting physical and emotional health for many clients over time that I regularly use it myself!

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