hands on client

How lovely to sink onto a warm treatment couch, and trust hands that know………hands  that move you with compassion, therapeutic and relaxing care, that partner with you in letting go of worry, unease and striving, aches and pains and what to do about them…..

Naturopathic Bodywork blends fundamentals of many tried and tested body therapies like massage, osteopathy, reiki, and reflexology, to mention just a few, with spiritual healing, common sense lifestyle adjustments and emotional/mental health release. Added to coaching, nutritional therapy and the many other ways Bliss Naturopathy harnesses nature, here is your opportunity to return to pleasure, balance, harmony and health. You will have have learned so much about how you and your body work. Thats the promise of my style of bodywork.

Observe animals – they know how to do it: let go, be totally in this moment: whatever has been before is gone, in this present moment there is no problem! – now the body can drop into feeling exquisite, light……… blissful.

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