In Meditation we let go of our addiction to thinking and doing, and expand into Being.  ‘Being’ is that part that IS,  yet is not our body, personality, possessions or feelings.  Basking  in the Bliss of Being we are part of All.  That is enormously relaxing, healing, rejuvenating, calming and energising.  It lightens you up.

Deep Relaxation prepares you for Meditation; reading and talking about it is not the same as DOING IT.

Listening can be pleasantly passive, so listen in to my INSTANT BLISS recording for 25 minutes in a quiet and comfortable space.  The recording trains you to focus on the inner body to access release from the struggle with pain and suffering; and leads you into deep relaxation to where you may access moments of the  meditative Bliss.  Get guidance as you relax deeply and connect with Being;

Just BE!!!!!


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