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BLISS Naturopathy Consultation

Can you imagine…..You are a vibrantly flowing River of Emotions, revelling in Joy and Fun, rolling through Grief or Shame, facing Fear and Anger, melting into Love, rising in BLISS…….? 
If this is your dream, you will have to give up being”nice”!

The cost of being nice

Sometimes, trying to be a good human being blocks the flowing waters of passion and expression. The true cost of being “nice” may not be felt until its too late.  Joy, fun and health can be sacrificed. That volcano of churning emotions may blow – inwards or outwards. This is one of our greatest fears

Dumbing down life’s healthy vibrancy for the sake of safety turns the colours to grey. You get ‘STRESSED’ instead!

When you stuff down the ‘bad’ and only show the ‘good’ the very effort reduces your aliveness, presence and depths.

A safe place for expession and release is needed.  If you are feeling over-serious, depressed, anxious, lethargic, suffer aches pains and chronic illness that “you have to learn to live with” or if you have simply forgotten how to play, your life is waiting!

Safe Release

You might wonder how you can feel all that material without doing more damage to yourself, to others and to your environment.

BLISS handles it so this is not a barrier at all.

The masssive benefit of Bliss Naturopathy is that you are trained to use both inward and outward emotional release, so that people around are unaffected  We supply a device that muffles enthusiastic outward sound!  Inward release is so convenient!  With practice in body presence, deep relaxation and letting go, it may be used while walking along the road.  The INSTANT BLISS CD gives support for your use privately.

How far can you go?

Were you heading for an emotionally-charged topic of conversation, the kind of subject often avoided by ‘Hey, let’s not go there!’ 

BLISS focuses on “GOING THERE”.  It takes your hand on the Journey through that portal, to the heart of your hopes and fears, peeling back layers of the onion right down to the core. It’s that place that people fear the most; yet through that portal lies your freedom to live with personal power and passion.

”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” Marianne Williamson

“I want to Love the Life I am Living”

If your body shrinks from touch, and if your heart is afraid to open, you live in isolation, worry and pain. Gradually  you  become a pale shadow of that vibrant person you can be.

Bliss Naturopathy fully embraces these human dimensions.  We combine therapeutic treatment with personal training to help you learn to get safely in and out of the fixes you are stuck in.

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Protecting old unconscious pain comes at a price. When emotional distress and physical pain are buried inside,


Happiness, silence  and peak emotional states evade us.  Achievement, ambition, conflict and ego take their place. This is my definition of STRESS.

Stress locked in the body is usually at the root of persistent physical problems, such as back pain, headaches, allergies, digestive ailments, joint and bone conditions, depression, insomnia, cardio vascular disease etc.

Add emotional eating and drinking, overstimulation and sedentary lifestyle…and now would be a great time to contact BLISS Naturopathy! 

“Perfect timing, perfect work: I feel free, feel love and feel connected.  Yes the experience was absolutely beautiful gentle and real,  thank you beyond words.” RR

“You released such deep pain in me, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“I felt aeons of withheld energy and pain just going.  JP