Now Is the Time to MEDITATE

We are still restricted. I’m concerned. Are we ready, now, for Nothing?  Life is ever more full, to learn, to ask, to make up for ‘lost time’, to fit more into every moment.

When is the moment right to do (and be) awake and aware……. and do Nothing?  

Sometimes I feel stuck, dull and stiff, when something in me craves that nothingness. Its useless to soldier on, so I indulge in a restorative ‘ happy break’ – and it doesn’t always involve eating anything!

  • run up and down the stairs a few times – with an armful of bedclothes or a laundry basket
  • peg out washing – breath deeper in fresh air
  • go around emptying the garbage bins and waste baskets – bend and stretch
  • valet the car – twist and turn to reach those tricky places
  • drink a cup of warm water…. stop and drink sitting down

And then, lie down on the floor, head on a couple of thin books, knees bent, doing Nothing for 5 minutes or more! An EM-Powernap

When I go back to the phone and the files, refreshed, I seem so much more efficient, on the ball: I get the job done in half the time.  I’ve bathed in Nothingness which is like being reborn. Is this Relaxation or is it Meditation? Whatever they call it, I’m so glad I ‘wasted’ a few minutes getting back to Me.

Ticking my to-do list,  I realise that my work is over.  I’m off to my husband Michael’s online Zoom Shaking and Breathing Class ( – Thats what I call a healthy balance

Welcome to Holistic4Health


Still offering the same individual service as -now renamed –

We took life for granted. Change is glaringly obvious now. Where do you go for reassurance, to find solid ground again?

Obviously, I’m going to say -nothing out there ever was stable, it was an illusion. And now, what, where, how?

Let’s have a look at your personal situation together – Your Health, your hopes and fears your dreams and schemes. I’ve so many ways to support you, here’s a new one. Its a short online consultation that can get you back to yourself – no nonsense no fuss.

How abundant colour fades and how to let go into what’s on the way…..

CONSULT4HEALTH – you outline the issues that are troubling you, get perspective, and learn ways to restore your personal energy, wellness, joy and dwell in more peace. 20 minutes £45

Just give me a call or drop me a line on 07788981977 or email me at gabrielle@holistic4health.c0m