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Welcome to Holistic4Health

In a Holistic4Health session we look at your personal situation together – Your Health, your hopes and fears your dreams and schemes. Right now what is missing for many is the comfort, reassurance of compassionate, healing human touch. Healing and Health benefit hugely from caring Bodywork Sessions offered as part of Naturopathy and Holistic4Health work. Nutritional Therapy and Spiritual Healing are included with Lifestyle … Read More Welcome to Holistic4Health

Holistic4Health Frequently Asked Question

What is Naturopathy;  NaturoPathy is a Holistic Health and Wellbeing system rooted in traditional health practices and contemporary natural health technology, without using drugs or invasive procedures.  My Consultations and coaching are for your learning and understanding of what is wholesome and natural, helping you back to your natural state. Think, for example of including air, light, water, earth, breath, energy and movement, food, … Read More Holistic4Health Frequently Asked Question

It’s your life….

Are you interested in being in charge of Your Whole Health and Holistic Healing, which means Body Mind Feelings and your Spirit? To make your own health decisions based on a deepening grounding in All that Is, To be the leader in Your Life? The person who finds Holistic4Health is ready for the natural birth to death Wellness journey, Wellness from the inside out, … Read More It’s your life….