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The cost of being ‘nice’

Trying too hard to be a good human being? This can block the flowing waters of healthy passion and expression. The true cost of being “nice”  is not felt until its too late. Joy, fun and health are sacrificed. That volcano of churning emotions may blow – inwards or outwards. This is one of our greatest fears. ! When you stuff down the ‘bad’ … Read More The cost of being ‘nice’


‘Problems’ masking the hidden truths

Do you question why you are still suffering with Stress, Exhaustion, Chronic Colds and ‘Flu, various Aches and pains, Digestive problems, Addictions, Weight problems, Hormone disorders, Emotional block, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Jealousy, Anger, Fear etc? Do these ‘problems’ mask the hidden truths you are meant to discover for your progression in personal development healing and transformation? Your suffering and the process of … Read More ‘Problems’ masking the hidden truths