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Warmth and comfort

Warmth and comfort – simple ways to begin the luxurious process of deep relaxation.When you are relaxed you are a ‘nicer person to live with’ – and to work with; everyday tasks seem effortless and life takes on a rosy hue. But somehow it doesn’t just happen by itself! That is why we promote booking regular massages, bodywork and “In Light” Therapy relaxation sessions. … Read More Warmth and comfort


Touch, Caresses, Cuddles and Hugs – our unmet need

Why do people crave massage?  Just to alleviate aches and pains or is there something more elusive and profound that we search for…………..something to do with human touch being a basic human need…….. Dr David Bresler in Free Yourself from Pain, proposes a programme of PAMPERING and becoming SELF-INDULGENT as one way to relieve pain. Maybe that is why we feel that massage is an … Read More Touch, Caresses, Cuddles and Hugs – our unmet need

“Commonly eaten…

“Commonly eaten food so toxic, government has issued health warning” One of my favourite health Gurus, Doctor Mercola, has published a damning article about the dangers of eating………………FARMED SALMON – something many of us rely on to get the healthy fish benefits of Omega 3 oils and healthy protein to read the article click here.