Holistic4Health naturopathic sessions now take place on the phone or on Zoom.  In this new,  more careful environment,  a free telephone consultation is offered so that we can check the best way for you, and that we can work well together.

Commitment is fundamental; my commitment to you achieving your health goals, and your commitment to doing the work and staying with it.  That is why I offer a variety of affordable Programmes and Packages to suit all circumstances.

The Personal Health Profile is an information questionnaire all about you, your life and health, submitted to me prior to your consultation. The way you answer the questions plus a physical examination, remotely or in person, gives me the basic information to begin to guide you on your path to wellness.  Your first consultation gives you broad lifestyle adjustments and specific dietary suggestions, plus some nutritional supplement support if necessary. 

(The Clinic is easy to access.  By road, one minute from Junction 20 on the M25.  Ample parking outside.  The railway station, which is 23 minutes from London Euston, is a short walk, and buses stop 50 metres away).

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First consultation

The first consultation is about getting to know each other, guidelines and goals. The session includes practical and achievable recommendations for Nutrition, Movement, Relaxation, Lifestyle and Spiritual Practice. Choose one or two recommendations to make a start on right away. (see below)

In person

You’ll relax back on a comfy massage table smothered in warm towels for a gentle physical examination of  tongue, teeth, gums, eyes, nails, and skin, as well as areas in muscles, joints and organs where tension and stress are found.

These findings will generate a selection from

  • a detailed personal nutrition plan
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • guided deep relaxation training
  • massage
  • bodywork
  • healing or
  • internal energy balancing
  • emotional healthwork
  • lifestyle coaching
  • Low Level Light Therapy

Deeply relaxed in body and refreshed in being, you will leave the warmth and safety of the Clinic and return to the daily world outside more nourished and fortified.

Going Deeper

Sessions focus on deep relaxation, spiritual practices and witnessing (mindfulness), others on nourishment, energy, lifestyle coaching or emotional healthwork, for example.  The goal is always to leave more aware and empowered each time.

Peeling back layers of the onion through all the symptoms of ill health, pain and suffering to get to Being-ness at the core happens at a pace that we encourage yet do not ensure. That is why we encourage regular attendance at sessions and staying in communication through phone/skype consultations.  So when you want to share your ups and downs in complete confidentiality and safety,  someone is there to help you get over the blocks and continue to progress.

Many of the people I see in my Clinic already have well-ordered lives, feel healthy, successful and materially fulfilled. Yet they recognise that they must continue to grow, feeling that something intangible is missing beyond posessions or fame.

“Sometimes, its only when you have all your ducks in a row, when everything seems to be going right, that your soul whispers to you ‘Yes, and there’s something more.’Brandon Bays The Journey (Thorsons 1999)

In person consultation – from 1 hour. 

Telephone/Skype consultations

First session is around an hour.  The focus is on your wellness and the feel-good factor through Nutrition, Relaxation and Wellbeing Lifestyle Counselling and Coaching.

Apply NOW for your FREE initial consultation with Gabrielle Paras Richards ND or call 07788981977

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