Still offering the same individual service as -now renamed –

Emerging from the chrysalis into the beauty that we are – let’s remember that we are inseparable from Nature, we are Connected, Whole, Holistic.

In a Holistic4Health session we look at your personal situation together – Your Health, your hopes and fears your dreams and schemes. Right now what is missing for many is the comfort, reassurance of compassionate, healing human touch. Healing and Health benefit hugely from caring Bodywork Sessions offered as part of Naturopathy and Holistic4Health work. Nutritional Therapy and Spiritual Healing are included with Lifestyle Coaching to help you make the most of your life here and now.

Day merges into night, Nature is constant change, lets go with it………..easy does it…..

Just give me a call or drop me a line on 07788981977 or email me at


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