Still offering the same individual service as -now renamed –

We took life for granted. Change is glaringly obvious now. Where do you go for reassurance, to find solid ground again?

Obviously, I’m going to say -nothing out there ever was stable, it was an illusion. And now, what, where, how?

Let’s have a look at your personal situation together – Your Health, your hopes and fears your dreams and schemes. I’ve so many ways to support you, here’s a new one. Its a short online consultation that can get you back to yourself – no nonsense no fuss.

How abundant colour fades and how to let go into what’s on the way…..

CONSULT4HEALTH – you outline the issues that are troubling you, get perspective, and learn ways to restore your personal energy, wellness, joy and dwell in more peace. 20 minutes £45

Just give me a call or drop me a line on 07788981977 or email me at gabrielle@holistic4health.c0m


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