wellness is a flow

The other day I was at a sitting meditation with friends.  As we all settled down on chairs in a circle, I felt my body buzzing with aliveness inside, and sat enjoying that for a while.  My limbs wanted to wriggle and move;  ‘OK’ I thought, ‘just watch this, and feel it’.  Soon I was dreaming of lying on the floor, so down I went, letting go into the delicious sensation of back contacting floor, pure energy flowing through me………. Mental activity became a tiny dot: enjoyment of body relaxing so much nicer to focus on. Then all that stored -up worry, anxiety, vague fear evaporated, and effortlessly meditation happened……… I reckon that I gained months of health from this one activity!

Whats your experience?

Author: Gabrielle Paras Richards

I've been a Naturopathic Healer since 1987, (qualified with my ND in 1996) and never looked back. Always been a "foodie," passionate about people having access to natural cures, personal development, spiritual development and healing, meditation, Chi-based movement, massage and bodywork, and not forgetting loving life and death.