Warmth and comfort – simple ways to begin the luxurious process of deep relaxation.
When you are relaxed you are a ‘nicer person to live with’ – and to work with; everyday tasks seem effortless and life takes on a rosy hue. But somehow it doesn’t just happen by itself!

That is why we promote booking regular massages, bodywork and “In Light” Therapy relaxation sessions. They can make such a vast difference to our sense of wellbeing, our quality of relationships and our performance in work.

In light therapy

For those who value this improved quality of Life, we advise taking a regular course of 10 massages and 10 In Light Therapy sessions booked in advance. That way you get the appointments you want, when you want, and at a better price!

From the moment you book in you’ll start getting benefit. How so? Just making that regular commitment to your future, and knowing how much wellbeing is in store for you will help you relax and feel supported with whatever life brings your way.

Ask us for days and prices.

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