Deep tissue bodywork – its a miracle!

As Pat rolled her body up from the massage couch these were her words “Its a Miracle”.

Then she reported that the crushing pain in her neck and left shoulder that I had just worked on, had been troubling her for the past TWO YEARS, and nothing else had worked!


After her Bodywork Massage treatment it was gone, to her astonishment and delight. She bought a jar of magnesium lotion on the spot and danced home!  

Author: Gabrielle Paras Richards

I've been a Naturopathic Healer since 1987, (qualified with my ND in 1996) and never looked back. Always been a "foodie," passionate about people having access to natural cures, personal development, spiritual development and healing, meditation, Chi-based movement, massage and bodywork, and not forgetting loving life and death.