Next week Im going on a smart holiday with my 30 something slender, glamourous friend Gloria, and I dont want to look like her dumpy middle aged mum.

Here’s what I do:-

  • eat fresh pineapple before meals – primes my digestion and fills me up a bit with something terrifically nourishing so that Im not eating that bread roll or deep fried starter
  • drink a large glass of warm water half an hour before meals – primes my digestion so that my enzymes peak  just when food is going in
  • chew each mouthful 60x  – well, I’m sure you can imagine how that cuts down quantity, but it also helps to break food down into tiny particles for more efficient digestion and absorption.

How about finding out what would work for you?  All my tips are personal, so just give me a call for a consultation, free of charge, on the phone for a half an hour.

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