3 Secrets of Meditation Success

Meditation talk is mostly inaccurate and misleading; is there a conspiracy out there to prevent us succeeding?

Secret 1

Great Gurus, Maharishis and Mahasattvas, the special few who come from the enlightened end of the spectrum make it look tough, almost impossible for us mere mortals to “achieve” meditation. Maybe they are simply lousy at explaining something simple as A B C.  My guess is that since the dawn of civilisation (and there is no agreement on when that was) they have probably put off more people than they have converted.


I believe that their talk is misleading – in my experience, you don’t need to achieve the lotus position first, you don’t need a mountain top, you don’t need a silent glade by a babbling brook and a leotard; you just need yourself!  I feel so strongly about this that I have made my own Meditation and Relaxation recording for people to quickly and easily gain access to this much misunderstood, -and completely natural – art.

This is great news for the sincere beginner; meditation is the simplest thing.  Once you get started, it goes on developing, deeper, broader. Little by little you approach a place where its going to be there in the background all the time; once you know the truth, would you want to stop it?

So quieten down, find a comfortable place where you can rest for a few minutes. Switch off the phone and put a notice on the door.

Secret 2

Resisting what IS produces suffering, pain, struggle and stress.

However, you cannot just stop resistance like that;

I suggest, TURN IN and WATCH Resistance!  (Hey this can be fun!)

Take 10 minutes twice a day to just Be Here and Watch.  Without doing anything.  Resistance will come up, and its a fantastic opportunity. I’ll talk more about Resistance in the coming blogs.

You see, you can’t DO Meditation, ‘cos meditation is NON doing, it is BEING.  And you can’t DO Being – You Are Already It!  All that’s possible is to let go of everything that is covering IT up, and Be the IT that you already ARE. (this is a paradox!)

If you start out to meditate, you are going to get present to your resistance.  Feel it.

Q: How do I get from feeling this horrible stuff to the peace and serenity promised?

A: Hang in there, and by and by you will come to know what is covering up your state of Bliss, your crystal pure being, what they call the core of pure gold, or ‘my original face’.  When you see it,  all else will drop away.

You are going to do this because you have asked for peace, release of stress and struggle, understanding and vision, enlightened perspective and to live in fulfillment happiness and harmony with your surroundings.

So the time has come at last.


Turn away from all the distractions and stimulation in your environment, such as TV, shopping, eating, making love, quarrelling, watching action movies, playing games, reading books, looking out the window etc.etc. etc.  Put the kitchen timer on for 10 minutes.  Stand, sit or lie somewhere comfortably; and bring yourself to NOW; invite the quality of being awake and present to the moment. Now.

Secret 3

The next secret I am going to let you into is that its easiest to meditate by starting IN YOUR BODY.

Take it from me, if you start with your mind and leave your body til later you are in for a very long haul.

So start to feel your BODY from the inside.  Wherever you can feel something inside, be it pleasure, discomfort, vibration, movement, stasis……whatever it is, put 100%of your attention on it, and sink IN.  Deeply relax your breathing, and keep feeling.  Keep the inside of your body as your main focus.

This is the stuff you are going to be busy with. Feeling, watching, just Being with it.  It is the beginning of meditation. Look out for Secret number 4 in the next blog!  Here’s a hint………………….

gabrielle in the pool in Gran Canaria


Its not rocket science; to succeed at anything we need to take training; especially on this Inner Journey. (Notable exceptions include  Osho Rajneesh and J.Krishnamurti): but in the early stages many who go it alone get discouraged and give up.  To get results you are going to need a guide or a mentor. And where are they?

I can guide you personally via phone, one to one consultations or practical workshops. So who is up for this adventure?

Contact me: gabrielle@blissnaturopathy.com

Warning: The above process is intended to be a start, and is not a substitute for the guidance of a qualified Meditation Teacher, guide, or mentor.  Follow the guidelines.  Be gentle with yourself, go easy. Get the MP3.

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