Meditation talk can lead you astray!

Meditation promises peace, calm, silence, sanity, serenity and relief from stress. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

If you are one of those courageous yet misguided people (like I was) who has “tried to Meditate” unsuccessfully……….then that word means failure, struggle, boredom, bodily contortions, flies on your face, numb bum, aching ankles and a killing back.  Whenever I mention that I teach Meditation, people tell me

“I tried for years to meditate but I can’t stop my mind, so I gave up”  Success is rare; its a conversation stopper.

But what is it?

The accepted authorities say that Meditation needs legs crossed across your lap – the lotus position, an empty mind, and loads of time.  Surely in the 21st Century, we need something we can actually do right now, and succeed at!

I have discovered through trying every method and position going, that you don’t need to achieve the lotus position first, you don’t need a silent glade by a babbling brook, you don’t need a mountain top, and you don’t need to go to the East; I did all that and drew a blank……..

you just need YOURSELF! and my Instant Bliss recording. Its in the Shop.

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