Do you hate DIETS?  Sick and tired of being told what to eat? Then start from the beginning of the digestive process – in the mouth!  As you chew each mouthful 30 – 60 times, LOVE YOUR FOOD, and you will get so much more nutrition from it, your whole body will relax and digestion will happen naturally and effortlessly.  Not only that, you will need to eat less food, and thus loose unwanted kilos.  Just give it a try, then let me know how its going!  The next stage will be to figure out what foods most suit your unique body chemistry and draw up an enjoyable eating plan that is easy, delicious and optimally nutritious.

That is where I come in; finding out about you, your lifestyle and your habits, and tailoring a programme just for your unique needs.  Call me for your free of charge phone consultation!

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